Jeff Pangrazio at the microphone smiling wearing a sanfl bloods hat

Jeff Pangrazio

Soccer/Football Presenter | Sporting Host | Sports Commentator

Sport has been a part of Jeff’s live since a child.

He can vividly remember going to his first SANFL game as a 7 year old.

It was West Adelaide against Port Adelaide at Alberton.

From that day Jeff was a passionate bloods support.

Jeff played football during his schooling days, but on his own admission .. that was where his on field expertise finished.

However, his passion for sport soon saw him coaching and mentoring.

Jeff’ now an accomplished radio host and expert.

As well as one of the states most sought-after sporting event host.

Whilst the AFL is Jeffs true love, he also has an affinity for the round ball game, hosing soccer shows and calling the world game.

Jeff says its now a pleasure working along side Bev, keeping everyone up to date on all AFL stories and issues.

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