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Jeremy Cordeaux in the garage

AFL’s concussion crisis, Wage growth linked to productivity, Insurance companies service

Thursday February 29, 2024 – From the garage of Jeremy Cordeaux, it’s the daily edition of ‘The Court of Public Opinion’

In today’s edition of ‘The Court of Public Opinion,’ with Jeremy Cordeaux from his garage, a lot of topics was delved into, offering you a blend of current affairs, historical reflections, and personal musings. It all begins with a critical look at the AFL‘s handling of player concussions, suggesting the need for better protective measures amidst growing concerns over long-term brain health.

The Economy

Attention is now towards the economy, wage growth was debated, being proposed that it should be directly linked to productivity. Jeremy transitioned into the evolving dynamics of workplace culture, especially the increasing demand for the right to work from home, a trend accelerated by the pandemic but viewed with scepticism by Cordeaux for its potential to dilute workplace discipline and productivity.

Insurance Companies

Insurance practices, particularly the responsiveness and customer service of companies, were scrutinised, triggered by listener experiences shared on talkback radio. Cordeaux reminisces about personal encounters with insurance following an incident, highlighting the gap between advertising spend and customer satisfaction.

World Radio Day

The episode was peppered with historical anecdotes, from reflections on World Radio Day to tales of significant figures in radio history, illustrating the medium’s enduring power and influence. Cordeaux’s narrative, woven with insights into personal experiences and broader societal trends, offered a rich tapestry of discussion that spanned from the intricacies of sports and economics to the evolution of work and media landscapes.

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