About Us

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Our Vision

We are committed to promoting independent podcasts while providing a voice for those who don’t have the opportunity to do it.  We are committed to providing content Free to listeners. We want audiences to listen to content which adds value to ther day and help them feel apart of something bigger and reflect the enormity and awesomeness of being alive. 

Podcasters will be treated equally with opportunities to develop and make choices as their podcast develops. We will use digital marketing and other means so Podcast creators will have access to information to develop their podcast.

Auscast. We don’t influence what people say. We find people who are interesting and listen along with you. 

Our Story

We are Andy & Liam.

We created the Auscast Podcast Network in 2016 just after we started apodcast of our own.

There was a need for a place where Podcast creators could come together, create and support each other. 
The Auscast Network. The Podcast Network that listens with you. 
Grow with us and let us grow with you.
More about us below.

Andy Martin talking into a studio microphone

Andy Martin

Auscast Network Co-Founder | Presenter | Audio Engineer

Bit Shy. Hard Working. Killer Sense of Humour.

I’ve been all about broadcast media since 2001. Starting my career at Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide as a volunteer and spending 11 years creating my own paid position as events coordinator, to Operations Manager to Temporary Station Manager whilst being an announcer and working in audio production at the station. I then crossed over to commercial radio and spent a year at Mix 102.3 and then was invited to jump across to Nova 919. I stayed at Nova for 12 years as an Announcer, Audio Engineer for the Breakfast Shows and Digital Content Manager. I also spent 4 year working for FiveAA producing AFL and as and Sporting update Announcer. During my time at Nova I was nominated for Best Production at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.  

While at Nova, I became a fan of podcasts. They filled my commute into work every morning at 4:30am. The content that I was listening to seemed different. Like I was listening to a mate talk to me or I was in the conversation with a group of people. I wanted to create a podcast. I spoke with a couple of mates, and we created ‘The Badcast’. We didn’t know what it was going to be, it was just 3 mates sitting in my lounge room with an esky full of beers.  We had the best time ever and it showed through the content and fans we had made locally, interstate and overseas. We were addicted. Friends I had worked with in the media wanted their own voice and we helped them create their own podcast. We then helped a few others and then decided to make it into a network. That’s where Auscast Network was born!

We then decided that getting podcasters and podcast fans together in Adelaide would be a good idea, so we then created The Adelaide Podcast Festival – THAT WAS FUN.

Liam with a small cup of coffee

Liam Carter

Auscast Network Co-Founder | Announcer | Voice Over Artist

Bold. Brash. Interested in Big Ideas.

Liam Carter has more than 20 years of experience in media and advertising. Moving from behind the mic, to managing a number of successful media organisations in broadcast and media tech.