Jake Barker-Daish with Azam, Aamir and the truth

Galacticoz Podcast – Football Drama

This week on the Unlaced Podcast with Jake Barker-Daish, we have one of the biggest Football Podcasts in Australia on the show. Azam Abdallah, Aamir Abdallah and Huss Idris known as ‘the truth’ brought the drama and controversy around all the key topics in world football at the moment. The Galacticoz podcast is famous for the family banter shared in a lounge room that would make you mistake a conversation for an argument and has become one of my favourite shows to watch. With that, this episode brought great entertainment and football knowledge which I absolute love bringing to our podcast. I hope you enjoy the show!! 🙂

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GalacticOz Podcast – where the ball knowledge is 0% but the “wallahi” and vibes are 100%! Tune in to the #1 Football Podcast in Australia as we give our hot takes and celebrate the beautiful game.

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