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Tom Mitchell Talks Inside The Flag, 2012 Recruitment War & Top 5 Teammates

In episode #119 of ‘The Unlaced Podcast with Jake Barker-Daish‘ on the Auscast Network, AFL star Tom Mitchell shared his journey. This standout episode included topics like his Premiership win with Collingwood and his remarkable work ethic. The intense recruitment battle of 2011 for Mitchell was a major focus.

Tom’s dedication and relentless hard work were central themes of the discussion. The episode highlighted the deep-rooted passion he has for AFL. It revealed the beginnings of his exceptional commitment to the sport.

The Tom Mitchell Recruitment Story

The 2011 recruitment story, though lesser-known, is fascinating. Jake Barker-Daish uncovered new aspects of Tom’s career, offering listeners unique insights. These revelations provided a glimpse into AFL’s complex recruitment processes.

Alistair Clarkson’s role in development

The podcast also examined Alistair Clarkson‘s role in Mitchell’s development. Clarkson’s coaching significantly impacted Tom’s notable achievements. This included his 2017 Brownlow Medal runner-up spot and 2018 win. These accomplishments reflect his skill and the influential guidance he received.

Top 5 AFL Teammates

Furthermore, Tom discussed his top five AFL teammates. This segment gave an inside look at influential players in his career. It shed light on the dynamics and talent within the AFL.

In summary, this episode wasn’t just an interview, but an in-depth exploration of a football great. It was filled with insightful stories and takeaways for the listeners. Tom Mitchell’s story on this podcast is an inspiration and a fascinating look into Australian football.

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More on Tom Mitchell

Born on May 31, 1993, Thomas Mitchell is a professional Australian rules footballer with the Collingwood Football Club in the AFL. His career includes stints at Sydney Swans (2012-2016) and Hawthorn Football Club (2017-2022). In 2018, he clinched the Brownlow Medal, setting a record for most disposals in a single VFL/AFL game with 54. Mitchell joined Collingwood in 2023, leading them to a Grand Final victory and his first AFL premiership.

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