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Mason Wood on Delisting From North Melbourne, Brad Scott lifeline & St.Kilda Happiness

In episode #118 of ‘The Unlaced Podcast with Jake Barker-Daish‘ on the Auscast Network, Mason Wood shared his remarkable AFL journey. At 30, his level-headed approach has led him to peak performance with the Saints. His story is a testament to resilience and adaptability in professional sports.

North Melbourne High’s and Low’s

Wood’s career at North Melbourne was a mix of highs and lows. Despite playing 50 games, he underwent more body scans than matches played. This fact is astonishing and highlights the physical toll of the sport. His time at North Melbourne was challenging, but it shaped his career in unforeseen ways.

Mason Wood and St. Kilda Happiness

Transitioning to St. Kilda, Wood found a new role that extends beyond the field. He contributes significantly to the club, often without the spotlight’s glare. His consistent form at St. Kilda is at its peak, marking him as a crucial player for the team’s future.

Mason Wood Mindset

Furthermore, Wood’s journey is not just about his athletic prowess. His mindset through both triumphs and trials is incredibly insightful. The podcast episode was enlightening, offering valuable lessons from Wood’s experiences.

Mason Wood’s interview on ‘The Unlaced Podcast’ was more than a sports discussion. It was a deep dive into the mindset of an AFL player navigating the ups and downs of a demanding career. Wood’s story is an inspiration, showcasing the importance of mental strength and adaptability in achieving success.

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More on Mason Wood

Born on September 13, 1993, Mason Wood is an Australian rules footballer for St Kilda in the AFL, having previously played for North Melbourne. Drafted by North Melbourne in 2012 from Geelong Falcons and Victoria Country, Wood debuted in 2014, impressing with three goals. His standout 2019 season saw 22 goals in 13 games, including a four-goal game against Richmond. Despite a promising career, Wood faced injuries and was delisted in 2020 after a Covid-impacted season. St Kilda recruited him in 2021, where he scored four goals in a practice match against his old club, North Melbourne, and contributed in the Community Series win over Carlton.

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