The Marmalde Aus boys with Jake Barker-Daish

Marmalade AUS – Div 12

The boys from Marmalade Australia define anything is possible. When you equate a couple of blokes who play division 12 footy who then blow up on TikTok and bring chocolate milk back into fashion with a high level sense of humour I knew this was going to make for a great episode.

Joel Eyles, Riley Srey and Will Taylor join me on the show to talk about their recent rise to stardom which encompasses their quirky nature which I truly loved. These boys have AFL running through their veins and their brand has been marketed to the mass audience of footy fanatics that don’t play AFL in the most humorous way possible. Definitely a great episode which involved a lot of laughter and deep footy chat. I hope you enjoy the episode!! :).

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