Two Brunettes & A Gay – laughter, music, and pure frivolous fun!

Get ready for a dose of laughter, music, and pure frivolous fun!

Two Brunettes and a Gay, the legendary Adelaide cabaret trio, are bringing their comedic charm to the airwaves with their brand new radio show & podcast of the same name, “Two Brunettes and a Gay”.

Aaron Collis, Celeste La Scala & Deanna Carbone – the three creatives behind Two Brunettes and a Gay – have been entertaining audiences for over a decade with their musical comedy performances in their signature ‘caba-gay’ style. Now, they’re bringing their talents to air, promising to deliver a weekly program filled with tunes, humor, and engaging discussions.

Listeners can expect a mix of classic and contemporary tunes, along with witty banter and lively discussions on a variety of topics. Each week, the trio will be joined by a dazzling array of guests from the entertainment industry and beyond, for interviews that are sure to be both enlightening and entertaining.

With the trio’s impressive track record and infectious energy, it is sure to be a treat for fans of cabaret, music, and comedy. Get ready for 90 minutes of non-stop laughter and musical entertainment with Two Brunettes and a Gay!


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