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Review: Confetti and Chaos

We have just been to confetti and chaos showing until the 10th of March, 2024.

It was really good. I enjoyed it. You get a three course meal – we had the Thai beef salad with veggies with panacotta for dessert – ohh that was good.

Confetti an Chaos was funny. It was at the Adelaide Royal Coach Hotel. It’s a brand new comedy brought to you by the people behind the smash Adelaide Fringe hit Faulty Towers – The dining experience.

Now, I went to say Faulty Towers, the dining experience in the first week of the Fringe, it was so funny, but a lot of that is due to the fact that I grew up with Fawlty Towers. My parents always had it on TV, so this one was a bit different, but comes to you from the same people. But what do they bill this show as? The has the worst wedding reception you ever go to and you’re all invited.

My friend Donna came with me and she got to be apart of the show “Yeah, it was really fun. It was really interactive. Nobody really knew whether or not you were an actor or if you a guest at the wedding. I got given a new name, Shazza and I had to wear a penis headband (a present from the hens night). It was quite hilarious. It was really fun. I enjoyed it.”

It was meant to be a surprise party, but it’s turned into pandemonium with secrets spilling out as family members bust in, bust up and bust a move. There’s a little bit of nudity (not full nude, half nude – but I could handle that), dancing on the table, a little bit of scandal, not full, half naked.

Would you agree that it was the worst wedding reception you’ll ever go to? Yeah, I would. haha.

I’m not that much of a wedding connoisseur. I haven’t been to that many, but it was pretty out there. Inappropriate aunties and uncles getting drunk jumping on tables, Family history secrets coming out.

Our Rating

How many Auscast play buttons do we give it out of 5? ……. 4!

It was a fun and a good value night out.

Ticket and Location Information

It’s on until Sunday March 10, 2024 at the Adelaide Room at Adelaide Royal Coach. Meal and Show from 7pm, Show Concludes 9pm (2 Hrs), Bar Open Until Midnight. Tickets are $85 to $100. M Rating.


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