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Review: Soweto Gospel Choir – Hope

We review Soweto Gospel Choir – Hope at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe!

This was definitely a night I won’t forget. Soweto Gospel Choir is a 3-time Grammy Award winning choir. They’ve got songs and anthems from the freedom movement of Nelson Mandela, South Africa, all the way back to the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King‘s 1950s America.

A Bit Of Background

The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed to celebrate the unique and inspirational power of African gospel music, and they draw on the best talent from the many churches in and around Soweto. The choir is dedicated to sharing the joy of faith through music with audiences around the world and has received critical acclaim and audience adoration for their powerful renditions of African-American spiritual gospel and folk music.

What We Saw

Hope is a concert that will sing forever in your hearts – I truly agree with this. I actually was very moved when I saw this show. It was a beautiful, balmy night. The show begun in the evening with a beautiful big screen set up on the stage. You’re sitting out in the open air with a perfect atmosphere, I closed my eyes and just bathed in the sound that this choir provided.

It was truly a wonderful experience. Hope by the choir was a mesmerising showcase and the voices were just electrifying. Myself and all the other listeners just enveloped in pure magic. I closed my eyes, I was immersed in the sounds of the singers. It was an amazing experience. And the finale song Hallelujah. It was particularly moving.

I’m not going to lie. It brings tears to my eyes with it’s sheer brilliance. This choir was truly a magnificent experience that I won’t forget. Known for their powerful performances, it truly did not disappoint. I have seen this choir before in the History of House show with Groove Terminator where it was a very different experience. That one was grooving and moving on the dance floor. This one was just more of a spiritual experience and it’s something that I honestly won’t forget. It was the power of the voices is truly magical. Well done.

Our Review

Out of 5 Auscast play buttons, I give this 5 out of 5. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

Listen Below

Location and ticketing information

The show is running until the 13th of March, 2024. It goes for an hour and is located in Gluttony – Rymill Park, Adelaide. (see map below)

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