Wacky Wizardry Goes Wrong

Review: Wacky Wizardy Goes Wrong

After years of highly acclaimed and sold out shows, the whole family can now join multi-award winning magician Josh Staley at this show for the first time ever at the Adelaide Fringe. Josh’s dream of becoming the world’s greatest wizard doesn’t always go to plan. You can join him in this mad and modern magic show that is funny, interactive and fast paced, perfect for children and childish adults.

What Did We See?

Well, we sat down in the very, very hot the Lark at Gluttony in Rymill Park. Great news to hear when Josh came out that this was he first show ever at the Adelaide Fringe and that it was sold out! This was a show that we were super excited to see.

Josh taught us a lot about magic and not what to do at the same time. The kids were amazed the whole way through. Things were fast paced. Little Millie, who’s three years of age, and Georgia, who’s five, were completely engaged the whole way through. Little Millie, always putting her hand up, wanting to be involved.

It was awesome. I Love seeing her being so locked in with something like this and entertained. was Georgia laughing the whole way through – She loved it as well. For the adults, obviously seeing a child being very happy is a good thing. Lots of magic tricks, funny jokes, some education and A HEAP OF SCREAMING CHICKENS with little predictable things along the way – which added to the excitement and punch lines for some of the older kids and adults.

What Did The Girls Think?

Let’s see what the girls thought.

Georgia (5 years old) “I loved the giant magic wands, magic tricks and my best friend was up on stage with him”. “Oh, and the free gift at the end too!”

Millie (3 years old) “I though that is was really good. I liked the magic tricks and when they didn’t work out properly. I liked the chickens when they were eating him in the face haha”.

Our Rating out of 5

OK, let’s give the show a rating out of 5 Auscast play buttons.

We give it a… 5!

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

Fast paced. Entertaining. The kids laughed the whole way through. We loved it, and so shall you!

Listen Below

Ticket and Location Information

The show is running until Sunday, March 17th in The Lark at Gluttony – Rymill Park.

It goes for around 60mins and tickets are between $23 to $27 and has a G rating, so great for kids and families.


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Who is behind the show?

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