Dr Hubble Bubble Show

Review: Brilliant Bubbles

We review Brilliant Bubbles by Australia’s favourite bubble man Dr Hubble at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe

It’s 2024. It’s a brand new season of these amazing performances and we’re excited to review them.

We are super excited for this one, seeing as this is a kids show, I’m also here with my kids Georgia (5 years old) and Millie (3 years old).

Let’s recap the show before we get into the review. Dr. Hubble is Australia’s favourite bubble man. He has mesmerised audiences in over 30 countries throughout his nearly 30 year career with a captivating ability to manipulate simple soap bubbles. Dr. Hubble crafts extraordinary moments of wonder, featuring unique creations like Square and Octagon Bubbles, Chimneys and Exploder. Bubbles. Yes, Exploited bubbles. This show offering a mix of fun humour and a subtle sustainability message, is a true spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

From creating bubbles children and adults have never seen before to enclosing one lucky child inside a massive bubble. Dr Hubble’s performances are a delightful and educational journey into the enchanting world of bubbles. Children and adults were left in awe. That is from our friends at Weekend Notes.

It’s Bubble Time

All right, let’s go down to our review. It’s a hot day – a very hot day. My first thoughts are sitting down “It’s going to be a great show – Obviously a kids show, So lots of kids type of entertainment. We were super super excited to get down to some bubble awesomeness.

The show kicked off and we met the exciting Dr Hubble on stage with an introduction that contained more bubble words that I have ever heard – the children loved it and you could hear the chuckle of parents too.

What We Saw

We saw amazing bubble creations that my brain could not work out! From big bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, smoke filled bubbles to shaped bubbles that spun around other bubbles to even a child in a bubble! It filled the tent with wooo’s of amazement from the crowd. I did feel bad for Dr Hubble as the heat of the tent and the early inclusion of air-conditioning provided an extra level of challenges – as bubbles do not like heat or air movement. I personally was entertained and loved the fact the kids were not only smiling from ear to ear, but educated too.

What The Kids Loved About the Show

Let’s find out what the girls thought.

Georgia (5 years old) said;

“I think it was pretty amazing and the bubbles were SUPER COOL! The Girl in the bubble and the big bubbles were my favourite”

Millie (3 years old) said;

“The Big bubbles, the ones that looked like a rainbow and the girl in it”

Would you girls highly recommend to your friends to go and see Brilliant Bubbles with Dr Hubble?


The Rating

Let’s now rate this show – Out of 5 Auscast play buttons, what do we rate it?

We give it a strong 4 out of 5.

Review by Andy

Listen to the review below

Location and Ticket Information

Brilliant Bubbles is located in ‘The Vault’ at ‘Fool’s Paradise‘ in Victoria Square. It’s a kid show, goes for 55 minutes. It’s on until Sunday, the 17th of March. Looking around about 26 or $35 per ticket.

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