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Review: Hamlet in 15 Minutes

Well, what can I say? I had to eat my thoughts last night. I was under the impression I was off to a 15 minute community theatre production. Oh, how I was wrong!

Let’s get straight into it, I arrived at Holden Street Theatre just after sundown and saw the stunning set-up in the laneway between the indoor and outdoor venues. It was a perfect balmy night to see some outdoor theatre.

I was really looking forward to this. Not only to see Peter Goers crafting of Shakespeare‘s most famous play, but also the debut live theatre performance of the lead as Hamlet, Christopher Cordeaux.

I was blown away. Not just by Peter Goers performance, witty scripting or Christopher Cordeaux nailing his part, but the whole cast were sensational. Everybody played their part perfectly with elegance and wit.

Pic courtesy of the Holden Street Theatre’s Facebook page

It’s the first time I have been at a theatre production and caught myself smiling the whole time. I did think to myself, ‘hey, stop smiling’ but I couldn’t, it was infectious.

It’s silly, perfectly written and best of all, brilliantly performed.

It’s got everything in it for lovers of Shakespeare and for those who didn’t get into it in school, it’s pure entertainment.

Pic courtesy of the Holden Street Theatre’s Facebook page

From what I’ve been told, every performance is slightly different because the actors roles change around a little. Which is great, so you can keep going back for more – I’ve heard of some fans heading back to view the show 8 times!

Who doesn’t love a bit of audience participation? I do and I was lucky enough to be pulled from the seats to play the king in the final scene of the final act. AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

The Rating

We rate our reviews out of 5 Auscast play buttons. Hamlet in 15 Minutes deserves…… 5!

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

Peter Goers, Please keep bringing your ideas to life. I absolutely loved it.

Ticket and Location Information

Shows are running up until Sunday March 17, 2024. Tickets are $10.

PG warning, 15 minutes in length and absolutely worth it.

Located in The Barbara Hardy Garden at Holden Street Theatres


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