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Review: Attitude Consultant

Comedian Rohan Harry is back with a brand new, never seen before show at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe. This particular show. He’s only performing this twice. I can pre-warn you now, if you love the Attitude Consultant podcast or you’ve ever seen Rohan Harry on stage performing stand-up comedy or hosting Bogan Bingo, then this show this is definitely for you.

If you love some artistic obscure comedy – Whoa, this is your bag for sure.

It’s not a comedy show – it’s a live seminar event! The Attitude Consultant will keep you on the edge of your seats. You can really call this a part comedy, part art, part life stories and so much more.

The Experience

A really cool experience as you enter. You receive your own ‘Hi, My name is..’ sticker bringing in the vibe that it’s going to be potentially a meet and greet, audience participation type of show – A Tony Robbins event comes to mind.

You walk past the offical merchandise shop selling Attitude Consultant cassette tapes (with actual audio on them) and Floppy Disk’s – if you can find a computer that still uses a floppy drive, I’ve been told they have actual promotional images on them – haha the best.

As we waited for the show to begin the stage was suitably set-up for a show to behold, Attitude Consultant pull-up banner, old school tv playing promotional videos of the merchandise and a big screen TV with motivational music and images that had laughs from the crowd even before the show started!

The Attitude Consultant on Stage

The show starts and the main man Rohan Harry as the ‘Attitude Consultant’ appears from no-where (just like Tony Robbins lol).

Boy oh boy, did The Attitude Consultant pull on a hell of a show! From motivational success videos, live voiceovers to life stories from when he was in a coma and then years later when he had a stroke and learn how to read, talk and walk again. It was confronting, but in a way that let us see it through the mind of Rohan Harry – artistic, witty with a splash of dark humour. It was perfect. It hit home while making you laugh at the same time.

Guitar Hero made an appearance, Centrelink phone calls, Cat Karaoke and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re sober or a few drinks in – this show is an artistic, comedic and motivational cluster of awesomeness.

The show was constantly changing, not letting this live seminar event ever get boring. I did love it at the end when Rohan not only got everyone in the party spirit by singing Miley Cyrus songs karaoke, but inviting an open party after the show. It felt like a real sense of community.

The Rating

Ok, so I’m a little biased because the Attitude Consultant’s podcast is on this network, but I do believe this show deserves a…. 5 out of 5 Auscast Play buttons! (5 stars)

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

If you love the obscure comedy of Rohan Harry or you listen to his Attitude Consultant podcast, you know exactly what I’m talking about – Grab your mates, take your family and friends and enjoy an evening of comedy in all types of manner.

Ticket & Location Information

Located in the Grande Room at the Gilbert Street Hotel. Tickets are $10 (click the click below to purchase) and the show goes for around an hour. The only other date of the show is Monday March 11, 2024 at 7:30pm. Rating MA15+


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