Paco Director Tim Carlier kicking leaves with his sound gear on

Paco Director Tim Carlier Talks About Crafting Joy

In this episode, Andrew turns fanboy as he chats with the writer and director of Paco. This quirky film follows Manny, a sound recordist, played by Manuel Ashman. One day on set, Manny faces a crisis: an actor walks off with a radio microphone. As many advise him, this is a ‘very bad thing’.

After filming, Manny sets off to find his AWOL microphone. He discovers a world of sound in Adelaide, encountering creative friends along the way. Subsequently, Paco transforms into a charming road trip film. It explores various art realms, including a theatrical party and a music video shot around Adelaide.

Paco’s energy and charm are irresistible. Andrew first saw it at Perth’s Revelation Film Festival, unsure of what to expect. As the film progressed, he felt increasingly captivated. It’s reminiscent of Platon Theodoris’ 2022 film, The Lonely Spirits Variety Hour. Like Theodoris’ film, Paco is brimming with joy and hope, sweeping viewers up in its charm.

Watch the Trailer of Paco

This is the trailer of ‘Paco’ directed by Tim Carlier

Paco, a rare Aussie film, screened at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival. For Australian viewers, especially in Adelaide, you’re in luck. Moviejuice will present a screening on Saturday, September 16, at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide. Furthermore, Tim will attend for a Q&A. Additionally, Bromham and the Empty Threats, featured in the film, will also be there. Tickets can be purchased here.

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