Magnus Danger Magnus on stage with fire in his hand

Review: KABOOM!

We go along with the kids to review KABOOM! The Explosive Science Show for kids

This show popped up in our ‘to see list’ when we drove past Gluttony in Rymill Park and saw the advertisement on the side of the fence. There’s nothing like going along to a show and being entertained, educated and able to take the kids and keep their attention spans going for the full hour.

What We Saw

KABOOM! The Explosive Science Show features Magnus Danger Magnus as the mad scientist that will take us through a journey of testing scientific theories and lots of laughs along the way. We’re greeted on stage by Magnus’s explosive personality (in a good way) and listen to his entertaining pre-show chat about what Science is, how we should always be asking questions, testing boundaries and also his non-qualifications for this type of science haha.

Getting the kids involved by yelling ‘SCIENCE’ in a exciting way while side fist pumping the air was a great touch. Looking back – Something that I should have been shown as a kid at school to get me excited for science class!

The show was constantly entertaining. There was no time over the hour when I thought to myself “I wonder how long there is to go?’ – Which happens as kids shows, you know what I mean fellow parents.

There was Science experiments, education, crowd interaction and pure fun engaging entertainment. Also, I totally noted the adult jokes sprinkled through the show that went over the kids heads to keep the parents engaged.

Magus Danger Magnus on stage

What did the kids think?

Let’s see what the girls thought of the show.

Georgia, who is 5 years old said;

“I loved it! My favourite parts were the elephant toothpaste and also I liked the fire bit”.

Millie, who is 3 years old said;

“I liked the fire one and the big foam with big bubbles and little bubbles”.

I mentioned this earlier, but I do have to say that Magus Danger Magnus is quite the entertainer. He mentioned briefly about working in all types of entertainment such as circus performing, but he put on a brilliant show. The highlight for me was when Magnus sung a song with the whole periodic table it in, in order while preparing the next experiment – I bow to you Magnus!

Our Rating

Let’s rate this, Out of five Auscast play buttons. You know what? I’m going to give it a five. It’s action packed. It’s nonstop.

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

As mentioned earlier it is a STEM show, perfect for kids to be educated while being entertained. The kids learn, You learn too. I highly recommend it. Take your kids to it ASAP.

A nice touch post show was Magnus can outside and had photos with everyone and if anyone wanted to talk science, or mention something sciencey they had done at home, he wanted to hear about it. Fantastic!

Listen to the review below

Ticketing Information

Officially, it’s a kids and family Science Show and it’s running until Sunday, March 17th. It goes for about an hour and it’s in Rymill Park at Gluttony in the Kingfisher tent. It’s 23 to $27 per person for a ticket.
And you’re looking at a G rating as well so perfect for kids 4 upwards.

Purchase tickets HERE.

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Who is behind the show?

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