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The TRUTH About Australian Media: An Insider’s Perspective

Join us for an eye-opening insider’s perspective on the truth about Australian media. In this revealing video, our host, Graham Archer, Director of News and Public Affairs at the Seven Network, an experienced investigative journalist, takes us behind the scenes of Australia’s current affairs programs and sheds light on the challenges and changes that have impacted the media landscape.

From the financial and legal aspects to the shifting audience preferences and the rise of alternative media platforms, Graham explores it all. With his firsthand knowledge and years of experience, Graham Archer shares his thoughts on the diminishing quality of current affairs programs, the impact of technological advancements on the industry, and the changing demographics of the audience. He delves into the resurgence of interest in True Crime and the ways in which media outlets are adapting to meet the demands of their audience. But it’s not just about the media industry.

Graham also discusses the broader implications of technological advancements and the need for innovation in various fields, drawing parallels between the media industry and pharmaceuticals, steel, and vehicle manufacturing. Throughout the video, Graham intertwines personal anecdotes, historical references, and thought-provoking insights to paint a comprehensive picture of the Australian media landscape. He covers a wide range of topics, including institutionalized child abuse, underbelly stories, corruption in public service, sentencing laws, and the power dynamics within the industry. This interview is a must-watch and listen for anyone interested in understanding the inner workings of the Australian media and the challenges it faces in the digital age.

So, grab your popcorn and join us on this captivating journey as Graham Archer uncovers the truth about Australian media. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more thought-provoking content like this.

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00:00 – Introduction and discussion about the decline of current affairs programs
03:29 – The resurgence of interest in true crime
06:26 – The changing demographic of the audience
09:59 – The shift towards drama series and reenactments
14:32 – The financial dynamics of the media industry
18:18 – The decline of print media and the rise of digital platforms
23:19 – The discussion about institutionalized child abuse
29:59 – The impact of the Mulligan inquiry and criminal investigations
35:19 – The South Australian syndrome and the challenges of reporting in Adelaide
39:28 – The case of Peter Liddy and the issue of indefinite incarceration
39:30 – Discussion about the evidence and the impact on people’s lives
41:21 – The case of Derek Bromley and waiting for the high court decision
42:08 – The result of the high court appeal and the upcoming book launch
42:31 – The mysterious death of Henry Keough and the motive behind his imprisonment
43:30 – The sufficient circumstantial evidence and tunnel vision in South Australia
44:02 – Willful blindness and the embarrassing history of the justice system
44:19 – The importance of qualified forensic pathologists and the need for authenticity
45:00 – Conclusion and thanks to the guest speaker

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