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Frances Nelson standing with Jeremy Cordeaux Smiling in the dining room

40 years as chair of the Parole Board: Frances Nelson KC’s Insights on Law, Justice, and Parole

Frances Nelson KC’s sits down with Jeremy Cordeaux at the dining room table for the LIVE stream of ‘The Court of Public Opinion‘ on Friday March 1, 2024. Celebrating 40 years as chair of the Parole Board in South Australia. Insights into the parole decision complexities were shared. Challenges in ensuring community safety were discussed. The nuanced process of assessing parole eligibility was highlighted. The importance of rehabilitation monitoring was emphasised. Nelson’s tenure and the balance of justice, public safety, and rehabilitation in the parole system were delved into.

Topics Covered:

  • The role and responsibilities of a parole board chair
  • High-profile legal cases and their impact on law
  • The dynamics of parole decision-making
  • Strategies to combat recidivism
  • The evolution of legal practices over decades

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