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Jeremy Cordeaux AM in the garage looking stern

Aussie Bank Jobs, Property Market Trends, The Matilda’s, Espionage + more

In the latest episode of “The Court of Public Opinion,” recorded in Jeremy Cordeaux‘s garage on March 4, 2024, a diverse array of subjects were broached, offering listeners a comprehensive glimpse into both global challenges and local triumphs.

Topics Discussed:

  • Australian banks reducing overseas call center jobs
  • Property market trends and growth analysis
  • Critique of seasonal weather reporting
  • The Matildas‘ significant win against Uzbekistan
  • Reflections on historical events and their anniversaries
  • Espionage and its impact on national security
  • The influence of tech giants on media content

Jeremy began with a nod to the tangible shifts in the banking sector, where Australian banks have made the strategic decision to cut down on overseas call centre jobs, highlighting a move towards better customer service and possibly, national economic introspection. This was paralleled with an analysis of the property market, showing a deceleration in growth but acknowledging the enduring value of real estate as an investment.

Jeremy Cordeaux in the garage recording ‘The Court of Public Opinion’ on Monday March 4th, 2024

In an unexpected turn, Jeremy critiqued the recent weather reporting, labelling the past summer as inaccurately portrayed and dismissing exaggerated claims of extreme heat. This led to an uplifting celebration of the Matildas’ soccer success, showcasing national pride in sports and highlighting the unifying power of athletic achievement on a global stage.

Espionage a national Security Issue

The episode took a deeper, more introspective turn as Jeremy touched on the significance of espionage, overshadowing terrorism as the primary national security concern. This discussion was underscored by the alarming revelation of spies within the political system, stirring a provocative dialogue on trust, transparency, and the integrity of governance.

Amidst these discussions, Jeremy interwove reflections on historical anniversaries, providing a bridge between past and present, and offering insights into how history shapes our current identity and future trajectory.

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