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The Subtle Art of Spy Games

In the world where whispers in dark alleys turn into digital footprints, a conversation was held. It was between Jeremy Cordeaux and Dr. John Bruni, from SAGE International. They talked, not in hushed tones, but openly, over the phone, about rats hiding not in the streets, but within the ranks of power.

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Dr John Bruni joins Jeremy Cordeaux on the phone to talk about about rats hiding not in the streets, but within the ranks of power.

What is Espionage now?

Espionage, a word that once conjured images of cloaked figures in the night, now paints a picture of clicks and codes. The laws, once non-existent in Australia for such acts, were brought into light by Turnbull. It was a change, but not enough, it seems, for the complexity of modern treachery.

The world has shifted, they noted, from clear lines of treason to murky waters of foreign interference. In this age, a bag of money for a slip of information doesn’t carry the weight of treason; it’s merely a transaction. Yet, the question hangs heavy: when does one become too old to claim ignorance? At 18, or perhaps, as the modern trend of helicopter parenting suggests, much later?

Across the seas, in places where the rules are written with a firmer hand, consequences are more dire. Yet, here, in this freewheeling market of information, consequences seem to be a thing of the past. But should they be? This question was tossed around, pondered upon.

As the conversation wove through the fabric of security, rights, and the essence of loyalty, it became clear. The world of espionage and foreign interference isn’t just about laws and penalties. It’s about understanding the value of loyalty, the weight of actions, and the importance of standing firm in one’s principles.

The Summary

And so, the chat ended, but the thoughts lingered. In this ever-evolving world of shadow and light, the battle against unseen enemies continues, fought not just on the streets, but within the minds and hearts of those who stand guard.

In essence, Jeremy and John reminded us, it’s not just about catching the spies. It’s about understanding the very nature of loyalty and betrayal in a world where everything, and nothing, is as it seems.

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