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Bruce Ferrier in the Channel 7 booth with his booming voice

Echoes of a Bygone Era: Radio’s Timeless Charm

Jeremy Cordeaux chats to the radio and broadcast legend that is Bruce Ferrier on the LIVE stream of ‘The Court of Public Opinion‘.

Let’s go baaack and tell the tale…. Once upon a time, in the vast expanse of the radio waves, a young man named Bruce Ferrier embarked on an odyssey. It was a journey not of miles, but of moments; moments filled with the crackle and hiss of steam radio.

In the early days, when television was but a distant dream for many, radio reigned supreme. Serials like “I, Christopher Macaulay” and “Martin’s Corner” were not just stories; they were lifelines to worlds unimagined. Ferrier, merely 17, found himself ensnared by their allure.

As the years rolled by, Ferrier’s path wound through towns and cities, from Charleville to Sydney. Each stop, a chapter in his unfolding saga. Radio evolved, but its essence remained unchanged—a companion, a storyteller, a friend in the quiet of the night.

Grace Gibson Productions, under Ferrier’s stewardship, became a custodian of these tales. It was a vault, safeguarding the echoes of laughter, suspense, and drama that once filled the airwaves.

This post is a tribute, a nod to the magic of radio. In an age of fleeting digital shadows, the tales of yesteryears stand resolute, a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. Bruce Ferrier, with a lifetime of tales, reminds us that some echoes never fade. They linger, whispering of a time when the world was tuned to the rhythm of the radio waves.

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