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Eddie Kroger on Sky News

When Schools Go Woke: A Cautionary Tale

A chat was had. Not any ordinary chat, mind you. Jeremy Cordeaux on the phone with Edward Kroger (Michael Kroger‘s son), diving deep into the murky waters of wokeism infiltrating Australian schools.

Jeremy Cordeaux sitting at the dining room table looking stern

It’s said, quite discreetly, that indoctrination is being dressed up as education. Kroger, with a hint of concern, shared tales of this stealthy curriculum shift. Imagine, if you will, students being nudged, not to think, but to echo. An echo of what, you ask? Of a singular, unchallenged narrative.

The subjects most tainted? History, politics, a veritable buffet of woke. Equality, Aboriginal nationalism, feminism. These aren’t just topics; they’re the new dogma. And woe betide the student who dares to question. The price? A glaring zero on their exam.

This issue, though pinpointed in Victoria, hints at a broader malaise. A conservative shift might promise change, but the entrenched ideology won’t bow out without a fight.

The question then looms: Is this education or indoctrination? A place of learning, once revered for expanding minds, now seems a ground for closing them.

And so, dear readers, we’re left pondering. In a world eager to embrace diversity, why does diversity of thought find no room? It’s a thought worth mulling over, preferably without the risk of a big fat zero.

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