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The Dynamic Duo: NiCe7

Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Italy, NiCe7 is a formidable DJ/producer partnership consisting of Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco. These lifelong friends embarked on a sonic journey together in the depths of winter back in 2005, forging an unbreakable bond fueled by their mutual love for music.

With an unrivaled synergy, NiCe7 effortlessly blend their individual talents to create a sonic experience that transcends boundaries. Their magnetic chemistry is palpable, both on and off the stage, as they seamlessly merge their unique styles and shared musical influences into one irresistible force.

Having traversed the global DJ circuit and graced the stages of renowned venues, NiCe7 have garnered a reputation for delivering electrifying performances that leave audiences craving more. Their ability to read the crowd and curate an unforgettable journey through sound has solidified their status as crowd favorites wherever they go.

Not content with just conquering the live arena, NiCe7 have also made their mark in the realm of music production. With a relentless work ethic and an innate understanding of what moves the dancefloor, they have crafted an impressive discography that resonates with listeners around the world. Each track is meticulously constructed, embodying the essence of their collective experiences and the infectious energy they bring to every set.

As testament to their prowess, NiCe7 were recently invited to showcase their musical wizardry as featured guests on the esteemed Soulgood show, episode 1078, hosted by the renowned Bill Fragos and Exacta. Their exhilarating guest mix left an indelible impression, further cementing their position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of electronic music.

So, prepare yourself for an auditory adventure like no other as NiCe7 takes you on a sonic rollercoaster ride. With their infectious beats, pulsating rhythms, and an undeniable charisma that oozes from every performance, this dynamic duo is set to captivate your senses and leave an everlasting mark on your musical soul. Stay tuned and let the magic of NiCe7 unfold before your very ears!

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