Bill Fragos with the words Soulgood behind him. It's all about House Music.

SoulGood with Bill Fragos & Exacta – Best Of House Music

Radio show and podcast featuring house music and underground sounds.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of house music with “SoulGood with Bill Fragos & Exacta.” This dynamic and soul-stirring show captivates listeners globally. Broadcasting on the renowned Auscast Network and airing worldwide, including on Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide, it’s essential for rhythm and groove enthusiasts.

Masters of the House Music Scene

SoulGood with Bill Fragos & Exacta” is more than a radio show; it’s a musical journey. It blends a variety of sounds and styles. Each episode, carefully curated, delivers an unforgettable auditory experience. Hosts Bill Fragos and Exacta, respected in the house music scene, infuse each session with passion and expertise.

The show stands out for its track diversity, featuring everything from deep to tribal house. It celebrates the genre’s rich diversity, showcasing both emerging and established artists. Furthermore, the duo’s deep music understanding enables them to create episodes that appeal to all listeners.

What can you expect?

Bill Fragos and Exacta insightfully share their knowledge about the tracks, artists, and current music trends.

Furthermore, broadcasting on Fresh 92.7 in Adelaide and available through the Auscast Network, “SoulGood with Bill Fragos & Exacta” has garnered a dedicated following. Its global appeal, indeed, is a testament to its quality, effectively connecting music lovers from all around the world.

Tune in to “SoulGood with Bill Fragos & Exacta” for a journey that’s not only soulful but also rhythmically enriching. It transcends borders, uniting listeners globally through the power of house music. Significantly, the show is more than mere entertainment; it’s a vibrant celebration of the genre’s soul, energizing the worldwide house music community.

Guest mixes. Presented by Bill Fragos and Exacta.

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