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DJ Dove: The Master of Sultry Sounds and Underground Grooves features on SoulGood

Hailing from the vibrant streets of New York City and nurtured by the eclectic music scene of Hoboken, New Jersey, DJ Dove, also known as Barbarito Capote, has dedicated his illustrious career to refining the tantalizing sounds that have captivated listeners for over a decade. With an impressive repertoire and a penchant for the underground, Dove’s journey as a producer has seamlessly intertwined with collaborations and performances alongside renowned artists such as Erick Morillo, DJ Disciple, Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry, Robbie Rivera, Sander Van Doorn, Victor Calderone, and Benny Benassi.

Notably, DJ Dove’s musical prowess extends beyond the studio walls. He has crafted compelling compositions and shared his songwriting prowess with notable figures like Inaya Day, Heather Leigh West, Sandy Rivera, Junior Sanchez, DJ Exacta, and Frankie Feliciano. From 2004 to 2013, Dove held the distinguished position as the sole U.S. resident DJ for the esteemed organization Made in Italy NYC, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after talent.

Dove’s meticulous approach to production and his distinctively seductive underground sound have catapulted him into high demand across the industry. Among his remarkable achievements are unforgettable productions like Inaya Day’s “I’m Touched” and the collaboration with Milk ‘N’ Sugar on “Unkind.” His infectious track “Nobody But You,” featuring Ladylife, resonated so deeply that it found its place on prestigious compilations such as Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Sessions 11 and Toolroom Knights Volume 1, mixed by Paul Harris. Additionally, Dove’s groundbreaking creations such as “Don’t Make Me Wait 2007” versus The NYC Peech Boys and the enchanting “You’re My Only” featuring Nora Doncheva have left audiences electrified.

Beyond his collaborative endeavors, DJ Dove’s solo ventures have been nothing short of extraordinary. From the captivating beats of “Love Me Right” and the sun-soaked vibes of “Feel the Sun” to the irresistible allure of “I Want It All,” “Illusions,” and “I’m Free,” Dove’s solo projects have been a testament to his versatility and unyielding passion. Furthermore, his remixes of Josh Winx’s timeless hit “Don’t Laugh 2000” have resonated powerfully, solidifying DJ Dove’s esteemed status in the industry and securing him a prominent place on

DJ Dove’s extraordinary musical journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and undeniable talent. With each track he produces and every performance he delivers, Dove continues to mesmerize audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.

Tracklisting from episode 1075 of SoulGood with Bill Fragos and Exacta below

Listen below


Deviant Robots Feat. Elishama – Fever In The Morning
Jo Paciello pres The Kollective – I’m In Ecstasy
DiMO (BG), Dj Dove – Bailando
Carlostella – Save Me
Raven Maize – The Real Life (David Penn Remix)
Saliva Commandos – Wheel Turning Round (You Go)
Skurt – Our World
Lazarusman Hyenah – The Hi *SoulGood Selection

Featured Guest: DJ Dove

F Mix
Sonickraft – Light A Fire
Aaron Sevilla Giorgio Stefano – Balkan
Christian Cheval – Nyala
Rob Davy – Love (Andre Lodemann Remix)

New York Minute & Final Fifteen with Exacta

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