George playing the guitar on stage

What’s it like to support the band Wolfmother? We find out with George from Popular Stranger

Andy Martin catches up with long-time friend George the guitarist from the band ‘Popular Stranger’.

Find out how the boys know each other – you’d never guess it. Andy and George go deep into how George became a musician and the hurdles and fun that he experienced along the way. 

George lets us in on the behind the scenes of becoming the support act for internationally successful band ‘Wolfmother‘ and how Popular Stranger can to be. 

It’s over an hour of casual convo, laughs and if you’re a musician (or not), plenty of tips and learnings along the way. 

Popular Stranger will be supporting the launch of Hayli’s new single ‘Sometimes‘ at Pirate Life Brewery on Sunday April 16, 2023.



Popular Stranger draws inspiration from the guitar driven classic rock era of the 60’s and 70’s, along with a taste for groove and melody, the band offers the audiences a unique live experience blending high energy classic rock, with the subtleness and finesse of Motown and Soul.
Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Popular Stranger has a sound far greater than what you’d expect from a trio. With the addition of Hammond style keyboards, acoustic guitar and harmonica, audiences throughout have been left in awe of the bands performances onstage.
Popular Stranger endeavour to continuously release music, play as many shows as possible, and spread the music as far and wide as fate will take them.
Be sure to see a show whenever and wherever you can.
Support local music, support local venues …and support Popular Stranger.

Popular Stranger :
Steve Retsas – vocals, drums, acoustic guitars, harmonica
Nick Falanga – bass, keyboards
George Karavasilis – guitars

Audio Engineer / Producer:
Miles Jeffery