Jarryd Goundrey speaking to Bevo at Podbooth

Jarryd Goundrey – A comedian on the rise!

I was delighted to be joined earlier this year by good mate and comedian Jarryd Goundrey on Comedy Legends with Bevo.

Jarryd is going from strength to strength and performing with some of the world’s best comedians.

Jarryd spoke about the financial challenges that came with being a stand-up comedian and why it’s not easy, why going viral on social media isn’t as good as what you think and Jarryd also shared a lovely story about the power of the community.

Jarryd is currently travelling around Australia doing gigs, give him a follow Jarryd Goundrey on Instagram to find out more.

Thanks so much to Jarryd for his time, to Pistol Peter Oldfield from Southern Slugs Football Club for sponsoring this episode and the fantastic team at PodBooth for putting this great video together.

Listen below


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