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Life Beyond the Mic: Peter Goers on Retirement, Radio, and Reflections

Freshly retired ABC Adelaide radio presenter Peter Goers, notably, joined Jeremy Cordeaux on his live stream ‘The Court of Public Opinion’. Significantly, this collaboration marks a new chapter in Goers’ career, as he transitions from his long-standing role. Furthermore, this appearance on Cordeaux’s live stream offers audiences a unique opportunity to witness a dialogue between two seasoned broadcasters. Consequently, it promises to provide insightful perspectives and engaging discussions, thereby enriching the media landscape.

Some talking points include;

1. Retirement Reflections:

Peter Goers discusses his recent retirement, its impact on his daily life, and the adjustment period post-retirement.

2. Career Highlights:

Goers reminisces about memorable moments from his career, including special interviews and events.

3. Challenges in Broadcasting:

Insights into the challenges faced in the radio industry and how Goers navigated them.

4. Personal Anecdotes:

Goers shares personal stories and experiences, offering a glimpse into his life beyond the microphone.

5. Future Plans and Ambitions:

Discussion on what lies ahead for Peter Goers, including his interests and potential projects post-retirement.

6. The Power of Radio:

Reflecting on the unique qualities of radio as a medium and its impact on both the broadcaster and the audience.

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More on Peter Goers

Peter Goers OAM, a distinguished South Australian figure, is widely celebrated for his dynamic contributions to the arts, notably as a critic, producer, director, columnist, and author. Renowned for hosting The Evening Show on ABC Radio Adelaide, he broadcasted across South Australia and to Broken Hill for over two decades. Consequently, his tenure on the show concluded with a live audience at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide on November 30, 2023. With a career that spans over 40 years, Goers has indeed left an indelible mark in various forms of media, including TV, print, radio, and theatre. Furthermore, his expertise also renders him a sought-after guest speaker. In recognition of his service to the community as a radio broadcaster, he was honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia in the 2013 Australia Day Honours, thereby cementing his legacy in the Australian media landscape.

Goers’ early years were spent in Adelaide, specifically in Woodville South, and he attended Woodville Primary and Findon High schools. Importantly, as a fifth-generation Australian with German and Irish roots, he was deeply influenced by his teacher, Mick Rivers. Rivers, notably a former South Adelaide footballer, played a crucial role in fostering Goers’ interest in acting. Subsequently, Goers pursued post-secondary education, studying arts at Flinders University for an extensive period of eight years. Tragically, on July 9, 1982, Goers experienced profound personal loss when his parents perished in the Pan Am Flight 759 plane crash in New Orleans, USA. This event, undeniably, had a significant impact on his life, ultimately leading him to author a book about the experience in 2023.

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