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Wolf Blass sitting at the dining room table

A Candid Chat with Legendary Winemaker Wolf Blass

In this exclusive segment from the live stream of “The Court Of Public Opinion“, Jeremy Cordeaux welcomes a figure synonymous with the Australian wine industry – the illustrious Wolf Blass. Dive into a riveting conversation that unfolds Wolf’s 60-year journey in Australia and his phenomenal rise in the wine-making world.

🍷 Wolf Blass Highlights

  • Wolf Blass’s entry and his reflection on his 60-year journey in Australia.
  • His contribution to the wine industry and the importance of the Wolf Blass brand.
  • The challenges faced in the Australian wine market, particularly due to trade dynamics with China.
  • Wolf’s strategic approach towards global markets.
  • The evolution and consolidation of the wine industry over the decades
  • Wolf’s emotional journey of selling his company and the subsequent events.
  • The story of Wolf Blass going public and the soaring share prices.
  • The involvement of business figures like John McDonald.
  • A look back at the roots, Wolf’s personal journey, and the significance of his charismatic personality in the world of wine.

    This heart-to-heart is not just about wine, but the business, strategy, and the man behind the iconic label. Whether you’re a wine aficionado, business enthusiast, or someone who loves a good story, this episode is a must-watch. Don’t forget to subscribe for more compelling conversations with Jeremy Cordeaux! 🍇🍾

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