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2 Universities to Merge, Non-effective opposition, Pat Dobsons take on The Voice + more

Wednesday July 5, 2023 – Pat Dobson declares that if the voice referendum goes to the no vote, Australia’s standing in the world will be diminished + more news.

Pat Dobson declares that if the voice referendum goes to the no vote, Australia’s standing in the world will be diminished, sorry but what a load of bovine waste.

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More on the 2 Universities Merging..

In a monumental development, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia have forged a historic deal, aiming to merge into one of the largest tertiary education institutions in the nation. The impending union has garnered the support of the South Australian government, which has pledged an impressive sum of almost half a billion dollars to facilitate the merger.

The newly formed institution will bear the name Adelaide University, slated to commence operations in January 2026, putting an end to years of discussions between the two entities. However, before the agreement can be finalized, it must undergo scrutiny and receive approval from South Australia’s parliament. The outcome remains uncertain, as there are no guarantees that the state’s upper house will endorse the plan.

Assurances have been given by both universities to their staff that job losses will not occur as a direct consequence of the merger, at least until the middle of 2027. This commitment seeks to allay any concerns regarding potential layoffs.

In an email addressed to the university’s staff, University of Adelaide Chancellor Catherine Branson expressed her optimism about the merger, emphasizing its ability to generate investments and cultivate global recognition, propelling the institution towards a sustainable path of excellence. The ultimate goal is to secure a place among the world’s top 100 universities consistently.

As the merger proposal progresses through the parliamentary approval process, the education landscape in South Australia eagerly awaits the potential formation of Adelaide University, a powerhouse that could redefine tertiary education in the region.

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