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That Kid Chris: The Underground Music Prodigy Shaping New York’s Electronic Scene

Meet Chris Staropoli, the musical chameleon with a portfolio of aliases that have left an indelible mark on the underground music scene. From the early days of his New York club escapades, he found his true calling, channeling that experience into his captivating compositions.

Under the moniker “That Kid Chris,” he catapulted his production career with the release of “Keep On Pressin,” a tune that resonated across the UK club scene and earned him acclaim when it was featured on Sasha and Digweed‘s iconic “Renaissance: The Mix Collection.”

Riding the wave of success, Chris collaborated with top record labels like Strictly Rhythm, Henry Street, and Nervous, while commanding the DJ decks at renowned NYC venues like Roxy, Tunnel, Limelight, and Vinyl. His tracks “Tonight” and “Come Together” further solidified his reputation and garnered recognition on Pete Tong’s Radio One Essential Selection.

Chris continued his musical journey with a fresh alias, Electric Mood, alongside his talented wife, Melanie S. Their haunting track “Sacred Dance” became a standout, gracing top compilations and sealing their place as dynamic producers.

Not content with just producing, Chris took the remix world by storm, lending his magic touch to artists from Santana to Madonna. Major labels couldn’t resist his remixes, which earned him accolades and acclaim across the industry.

In 2007, Chris unveiled his own imprint, TKC Music, a haven for the deeper, late-night sounds he cherished. The label quickly became a breeding ground for emerging talents and a platform for pushing the boundaries of tribal and techno-infused tracks.

With the passage of time, Chris remains unwavering in his dedication to the underground, gracing legendary clubs worldwide, including Twilo, Sound Factory, Pacha, and MOS. His passion for music is ever-present, as he continues to innovate with every production and remix, breathing life into every idea.

In 2013, a new chapter began as Chris released “Destination: New York,” a compilation that showcased his evolution and growth as an artist, garnering praise and support from top DJs, including the legendary Richie Hawtin.

Chris Staropoli’s musical journey is an ever-evolving masterpiece, an ode to the New York underground that keeps him inspired to this day, showing no signs of slowing down. As an award-winning music journalist, it’s an honor to witness the legacy of this laid-back maestro shaping the future of electronic music with his boundless creativity.

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