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Melbourne F1 ticket prices and increasing participation in local Karting

Join us on this high-octane ride as we dive into the captivating world of motorsport, featuring an adrenaline-pumping conversation with motorsport pro Leigh Harrison – from wedding MC surprises to heart-racing Grand Prix events, technical insights, and overcoming racing challenges! 

Get ready for a turbocharged journey through the dynamic realm of motorsport in this episode, where we’re joined by the seasoned racer, Leigh Harrison. Strap in as we peel back the curtain on Leigh’s multifaceted experiences – from unexpected twists as a wedding MC to the thrilling highs and lows of Grand Prix events. Buckle up for technical deep dives into engine performance and strategies, including the nail-biting defensive moves that make racing a chess match on wheels. Explore Leigh’s gripping encounters at Monarto Raceway and the upcoming state championships, where he shares the exhilaration of intense kart racing and the importance of tactical door-closing on the track. Gain insights into boosting participation in go-kart racing, including the challenges posed by cost barriers and strategies to attract new drivers. Unveil the engine problems faced by Leigh and his Monarto racing team, as they ramp up preparation for the state championships with strategic test days. Tune in to unravel Leigh’s journey from wedding bells to screeching tires and discover the inner workings of a true motorsport aficionado.

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Chapter Summaries
(0:00:01) – Discussion on Motorsport, Weddings, and Travel
Leigh and I discussed technical difficulties, Australian weather, pollen, five-star hotels, and his NASCAR expertise.

(0:08:37) – Grand Prix Ticket Prices and Kart Race Event
We examine costs of Monaco, Melbourne and Australian Grand Prix, discuss lack of sound from S5000 and upcoming 300 lap endurance race.

(0:18:42) – Intense Racing and Defensive Strategies
Lee’s racing strategy, upcoming state championships, sprint master class, and the thrill of battle are discussed.

(0:24:36) – Intense Kart Racing and Upcoming Event
Leigh shares his experience racing at Mondo Raceway, discussing strategy, learning, and the upcoming state championships at Bross, exploring Europe’s intense motorsport and South Australia’s four-stroke class.

(0:35:25) – Engine Performance and Competitor Attraction Issues
Leigh and Monarto’s engine work, dyno purchase, test days, and Barossa Race Meeting strategy are discussed for state championships preparation.

(0:42:19) – Increasing Participation in Go-Kart Racing
Leigh and team discuss strategies for blocking, increasing participation, engine problems, and test days for state championships.

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