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Leigh Harrison 

Motorsport Professional | Race Driver | Formula One Events

Leigh Harrison is a multifaceted motorsport professional, having raced karts since the age of 7 years old. With an unwavering passion for the world of motorsport, Leigh has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry, through his work in the karting industry, working for various Formula One promoters in multiple overseas destinations and now as a podcast host. 

From an early age, Leigh’s fascination with speed and competition propelled him towards a successful karting career winning multiple state and national level events. Recognizing the importance of sharing his experiences and insights, Leigh ventured into the world of driver coaching and operations management where he has assisted in the growth and development of multiple drivers who have made it to top level competition, as well as the successful delivery of internationally acclaimed events such as the Abu Dhabi and Miami Grands Prix. Now as a podcast host he puts all his learnings to use with the show Negative Camber, a show dedicated to motorsport, where he engages with fellow drivers, industry experts, and enthusiasts alike. Through captivating interviews and in-depth discussions, Leigh provides his audience with exclusive access to the inner workings of the racing world, offering valuable perspectives and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. 

Beyond his podcasting and his own racing endeavours, Leigh’s expertise is now being used to build one of the most exciting rental karting offerings in South Australia as well as nurturing tomorrow’s talents on the track with their racing team and young driver academy. 

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