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We are Glitter Gang: Drifting for Women

The Glitter Gang Drift Ladies. An energetic squad of six drift-loving women who share their experiences within the incredibly supportive South Australian community. From reminiscing about growing up watching Colin McRae Rally to dreaming about S13s in high school. Leigh and Jamie and the gang, delve into their mutual passion for motorsport and Japanese cars. Lucy recounts her fascinating transition from working in local government to owning her drift car. Hayley discusses her shared ownership of a 180SX and R31 Skyline with her partner. She shares her passion for drifting and how it led her back to her DJing roots. We hit the track to discuss all things drifting, from the unique vehicles used as platforms to the intricate suspension components that make the perfect drift. 

Shining the spotlight on the Glitter Gang, we explore how a small jam session between six ladies evolved into an international collective. Wrapping things up, we touch on Matsuri, the drift festival that the group hosted last September at Mallala Motorsport Park, and discuss how the Glitter Gang is challenging the status quo in a male-dominated sport. So buckle up, tune in, and join the ride!

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Chapter Summaries

(00:01) – Women in Motorsport

Leigh introduces the Glitter Gang Drift Ladies and the Glitter Gang, a group of six friends who share mutual interest and love for drifting.

(04:46) – Passion for Motorsport and Cars 

The ladies share their love for motorsport and Japanese cars from growing up watching Colin McRae Rally to dreaming about S13s in high school.

(12:42) – Drifting and Love for Cars

Glitter Gang Drift Ladies talk about exploring the different ways they started driving and their setups. Learning about drifting, the different vehicles used as platforms, and the suspension components that can be adjusted to create the perfect drift. 

(20:18) – The Glitter Gang

The origins of the Glitter Gang is discussed, its humble beginnings and how it has grown over the years. 

(27:37) – Women in Motorsport and Their Challenges

The ladies talk about the practicalities of motorsport, including the challenges of sourcing car parts, the cost of consumables, and even the use of E85 fuel.

(36:34) – Matsuri

Sharing the importance of Matsuri, a drift festival event held at Mallala Motorsport Park in September which the Glitter Gang hosted.

(42:59) – Discussion on Drift Cars and Modifications

We discuss motorsport vehicles, classic car prices, maintenance, and the success of the LZ World Tour in Melbourne.

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