Jamie Le Mura

Motorsport Professional | Race Driver | Presenter

Jamie Le Mura is a man of many talents and skills.  A husband, father, Sales Professional, Account Manager, race driver, motorsport club president, graded motorsport official, and now media personality.  He is passionate about all levels of motorsport, loves both the technical aspects as well as the people that are either behind the wheel or behind the scenes.

Motorsport has been in Jamie’s life ever since he was born.  His father was a club level rally driver in South Australia; but also, was always watching motorsport either live or from the television set.  Influenced by commentary great both here and overseas; he also haboured an ambition of becoming a motorsport commentator if the dream to be a driver wasn’t fulfilled. 

Over time the dream became a reality and Jamie not only races go karts as a hobby – but two years ago started his own podcast Negative Camber, which is a show all about motorsport.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Jamie has been a successful businessperson and currently works for Intuit Quickbooks.  After hours he is also the president of Australia’s largest official Ferrari f1 Fan club – The Scuderia Ferrari Club of Adelaide.  Jamie is passionate about his love of motorsport, but also via the fan club – fuelling the passion that exists not only for fans and followers of Ferrari, but motorsport lovers alike.  He is also very passionate about the club and himself making a positive contribution to the community on a variety of levels.

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