Srey from Marmalade Australia

DJ Checkers and Srey from Marmalade Australia and Div 12 Ressies

The boys from Marmalade Australia, Div 12 Ressies and Anything Is Content are killing it on social media at the moment and you couldn’t meet two nicer blokes.

I was stoked to have DJ Checkers and Srey on Comedy Legends with Bevo recently for a chat.

We spoke about how the boys first met, how the idea to kick torps has led them to go viral, the success of Marmalade Australia and the Div 12 Ressies and tips for how to go viral on social media!

Thanks so much to my former team mate Zooks who got me in touch with the boys (they all now play together at Lockleys Football Club) and to Rackets and Strings and the Southern Slugs Football Club for sponsoring the episode.

Last but not least thanks to the team at PodBooth for putting this great video together and to Srey and Checkers for giving up their time to have a chat.

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