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Review: Christian Hull & Christopher Wayne – Naked And Afraid

We review Christian Hull & Christopher Wayne’s Naked and Afraid comedy show at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe!

We were joined by Christian Hull, the internet comedy superstar – you may be fans of his from TikTok and all social media platforms – he’s really, really popular and as he was introduced, the unknown (until you release his wrap sheet and find out he’s been in your life the whole time haha) Christopher Wayne. He is the co-creator and co-star of The Naked Magicians. Las Vegas residency with 600 shows and he has shown his ‘humungous old mate’ to a large number of celebs including Donald Trump, Lady Gaga & Katy Perry and also Big Brother a few years back.

What We Saw

Straight off the bat, we knew we were in for a crazy night full of unscripted mayhem and inappropriate stories as Christopher Wayne and a ‘gunt showing’ Christian Hull took over the stage after the very funny, self made and live introduction.

Our impression of the night? Random! – perfect word. Hilarious moments with a side of nudity!

As this is an unscripted improv comedy event, no show is the same and not only a journey for the audience but a ‘continue to get-to-know your neighbour’ for both Christian and Christopher – as they are neighbours in real life too. We found out about their perfect, really random and sexually one-way relationship they have together.

This is definitely an adults only show with the language and type of content that you’ve known and love as a Christian Hull fan. All we have to say is – expect the unexpected, no subject is off-limits.

The Rating

Let’s give it a rating. out of 5 Auscast play buttons..

Sara – 4 Auscast play buttons out of 5 – only because I wanted to be an audience participant and didn’t get the chance.

Andy – 3.5 Auscast play buttons out of 5

Sara “Wow Andy, that’s harsh!”

Andy “The only reason why I felt that it was a 3.5 is that a majority of the show was relying heavily on audience participation, I do that when hosting events and I need to fill time. But – I did find it entertaining and it was a good night out with lots of random laughter moments.

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