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Review: Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

We review Faulty Towers The Dining Experience at the Botanical Room in The Terrace Hotel Adelaide.

It definitely was an experience!

Was it a brilliant night? Let’s find out – What did we think?

Reliving Our Childhood

I can tell you right now that I relived every ounce of my 1990s childhood with both of my parents having Basil Fawlty and Cybill Fawlty and the whole Faulty Towers crew on the TV. They haven’t made many episodes of this show, I think it was because they knew that it was a good show not to make too many. You could have too much of a good thing – End on a high.

What We Saw

But tonight. Far out it was hilarious! It was actually hysterical. We’ve just driven 20 minutes home, still laughing and the food was amazing. Really, really good – First course, soup, main course delicious chicken and real dessert. But then the whole time you’re eating, you get a full dinner and entertainment the entire time – what amazing value!

Constant back and forth, back and forth. They’re on top of the tables, they’re literally under the tables around you, there’s fire extinguishers going off, there’s things being put on the walls, Basil screaming at Manuel all the while Manuel’s not interpreting Basil’s english, Sybil’s screaming at Basil and three-way arguments. Oh it was just HILARIOUS! and the crowd interaction was awesome as well.

The improv was fantastic, I always look in the eyes of the actors to see when they’ll break character or hold it together, it adds to the fun!

Our Highlight

For us, Manuel was the highlight of the evening, he absolutely stole the show.

Basil – Amazing.

Sybil – She had the accent down pat.

But Manuel, just with the way he interpreted the instructions in English when he was told to wait on the tables. What do you think happened? He waited on top of it. HAHA.

There were bread rolls, flying butter, literally flying across tables, bread rolls being thrown, all manner of things, fake rats under the table. It it’s a really funny night out.

The Score

Let’s give it a score.

Out of 5 Auscast play buttons, we give it FIVE!

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

Amazing work Faulty Towers, The dining experience – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Listen below

Location and Ticket Information

Fri, 16 Feb – Sun, 10 Mar, 120 min in length.

Located in the Botanical Room at The Terrace Hotel Adelaide (see map below)

Tickets are $90 to $113. Rating – G


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