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a hand showing a sign with chronic fatigue syndrome

ME/CFS – The Forgotten Disease

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS as it’s known.   The World Health Organisation classified ME/CFS as a disease, not a psychological issue, back in the 1960’s but we still know so little about it. It’s a complex disabling disease affecting

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Mark Gallagher: 30 Years in Formula 1

Mark’s management career in Formula One™️ included more than a decade on the management board of the highly successful, race winning Jordan Grand Prix team, running the world famous Cosworth engine business and establishing the commercial arm of Red Bull

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A Mother’s Love is a Mother’s Love

Leigh’s mum Ros enters the studio and reveals a little bit about Leigh as a child; whilst also previewing the up and coming SA Hire Kart Championship.  We catch up with our favorite Supercars journo Charlie Barlow; and we review

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The Last Days of Roger Federer

Literary raconteur, Geoff Dyer, isn’t getting any younger and it’s got him contemplating The End; not death so much as “last times”, the likes of which can strike at any time in a person’s life. “The Last Days of Roger

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The Podcast For Addicted Readers

Tsundoku is the Japanese word for that pile of books beside your bed that just keeps on growing. It’s the sign of a reader whose book appetite is greater than the time they have to do all that reading!

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‘A Little Sidebar’ (The exegesis)

We’re lifting the boot and unpacking our process. This week, Amy leads a discussion on the form and purpose of exegetical writing as Sean snores audibly in the corner (not for the first time) and Alex rails against ever discussing

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