The Unlaced Podcast with Jake Barker-Daish – Athlete interviews

Jake Barker-Daish is a former professional soccer player who has found fascination in understanding key drivers that allow athletes, artists and people in business to gain and maintain success. Despite most actions being physical the mind plays a powerful role in all our day to day activities which is a focus point within the podcast to help listeners find angles to better themselves and have a winning mentality. After 40 games in the A-League along with captaining the Young Socceroos and Olyroos, Jake‘s career was cut short through injury and this podcast helps to humanise athletes, artists and business folk with a light hearted and fun approach. The Unlaced Podcast aims to create a smile on your faces whilst delivering on insightful information to help understand the guest better but also allow listeners to better themselves. Go tell a friend you love them!


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