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Kick It Forward: Hustle Is Real

Josh Garlepp and Harold Fitzgerald are 2 out of the 3 from the Kick It Forward platform which holds over 300k followers on social media.

These guys might just be some of the most comical and creative people in Australia who are taking over the internet with their variety of skits that encapsulate Australian culture, sport and general behaviours.

These guys not only fascinate me due to their humour but also their dedication and work ethic to constantly produce comedic relief via a skit on topics that become super relevant across a wide variety of topics.

Within this show we were able to go under the covers of their operation, thought process and understand how this incredible platform was built.

Go on socials and check these guys out if you have not already. You’ll thank me later and I hope you enjoy the show  :). 

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Who is behind the show?

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