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ICYMI: An Interview with Todd Hazelwood (The first “Pod with Todd”)

Throwing back to our very first interview on Negative Camber, Episode 6 Pod with Todd.

Get ready to rev up your engines and emotions as motorsport pro Todd Hazelwood takes us on a high-speed journey from karting triumphs to heart-stopping crashes, revealing the relentless passion that fuels his V8 Supercars success and the unwavering bond with fellow racing icon Leigh Harrison.

Embark on a riveting podcast journey with motorsport pro Todd Hazelwood as he recounts his rise from karting glory to V8 Supercars success. Revealing the raw world of karting, Todd shares pivotal moments, including family sacrifices during tough times and a heart-stopping 270 km/h car crash. He offers unique insights into racing dynamics, from the Shannon Supercar Showdown reality TV show to debates about shifting systems in Gen 3. Todd’s unbreakable bond with racing icon Leigh Harrison adds an emotional layer to this high-speed narrative, showcasing the passion and resilience that drive this thrilling industry.

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Chapter Summaries
(0:00:01) – Todd Hazelwood’s Karting Journey and Success
Todd Hazelwood shares his motorsport career achievements, his relationship with Leigh Harrison, and the hard work and dedication it took to succeed in karting.

(0:07:10) – V8 Supercars Journey and Family Sacrifice
Todd Hazelwood’s family sold go-karts and engines to support his racing career, leading to his opportunity on the Shannon Supercar Showdown reality TV show.

(0:13:43) – Reality TV and Super Car Opportunity
Todd shares his journey to becoming a professional motorsport driver, recalling his first test in a supercar and the distinct sound of FPR cars.

(0:24:07) – Challenges and Triumphs in Racing Career
Todd Hazelwood reflects on joining Matt Stone Racing, growing from two to nearly ten cars, competing in the main series in 2018, and the introduction of Carrey the Future in the Dunlop Super 2 series in 2016.

(0:33:24) – Reflecting on a Car Accident Experience
Todd Hazelwood recounts his 270 km/h crash, injuries, and the commitment of Matt Stone Racing, reflecting on the pressure it brought.

(0:43:55) – COVID Racing Challenges and Successes
Todd Hazelwood shares his experience of transitioning to eSports, the success of the Supercars E-Series, and his team’s commitment during the pandemic.

(0:54:56) – Bathurst Racing
Todd shares his memories of the 1998 and 2007 Bathurst 1000, the difficulty of being a rookie, and his plans for a nostalgic trip.

(1:01:01) – Discussion on Racing Performance and Parity
We discuss SVG’s build up to the race, changes between last year and this year, results of races seven and eight, and the cancellation of the F1 and Two Litre/V8 Bathurst 1000s.

(1:10:33) – Supercars Racing and Gen Three Transition
Russell Engel’s return, wildcard entries, Gen 3, paddle shifting systems, and preserving Supercars’ unique features are discussed.

(1:22:15) – Restoring and Racing Long-Term Project
Todd and Leigh discuss their admiration for racing idols and respect for racers off the track.

(1:33:44) – Racing Memories and Favourite Cars
Todd Hazelwood discusses his favourite cars, tracks, teams, and friends in the pit lane, as well as his best racing memory and predictions for the F1, MotoGP, and V8 Supercar Championships..

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