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Rubbing Elbows with Motorsport Legends: A Deep Dive into V8 Supercars, Formula 1, NASCAR and more

Join us for an action-packed episode as we revisit unforgettable moments at motorsport meets, share stories of meeting Mark Skaife, discuss V8 Supercars’ return to New Zealand, analyze DJR’s challenges, and celebrate race triumphs at Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, and Daytona.

Relive electrifying meets, including an unforgettable encounter with Mark Skaife. The excitement continues with V8 Supercars’ return to New Zealand, complete with team dynamics and upcoming challenges. Dive into DJR’s hurdles, from Mustangs’ traction issues to power steering challenges. Feel the adrenaline as we recap races at iconic tracks – Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, Daytona. Witness Pekko Van Jijks’ dominance in MotoGP and the joy of classic cars on tracks. Explore the inclusivity of racing, where passion knows no limits. This episode captures the heart of motorsports, from thrilling anecdotes to insightful analysis, reviving your love for the race!

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Chapter Summaries
(0:00:01) – Motorsport Highlights and Driver Changes
Orlando and I discussed motorsport meets, Gideo, sprintmaster driving, amusement park rides, and Tickford/Blanchard Racing rumors.

(0:07:30) – V8 Supercars, DJR, and NASCAR Updates
V8 Supercars returning to NZ, Craig Leon’s extension at Triple 8, Bend Motorsport Park’s similarities to Malala, parity adjustments, Mustang drive traction issues, car performance, DJR power steering issues.

(0:14:41) – NASCAR Cup Series and Motorsport Updates
Michael McDowell’s surprise win at Indianapolis, William Byron’s five wins at Watkins Glen, Chris Busher’s victory at Daytona, NASCAR Xfinity and Craftman Truck series, World of Outlaws championship, Ferrari’s return with Jack Aitken’s DTM win, and Moto2 and Moto3 standings are discussed.

(0:24:10) – Drama and Surprises in Formula One
Pierre Gasly, Logan Sargent, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Lando Norris, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso all feature in a qualifying session with varying results.

(0:37:22) – Pekko Van Jijks in MotoGP Analysis
Pekko Van Jijks’ dominance, Max Verstappen comparisons, Honda/Yamaha performance, Fabio Quattararo’s loss of momentum, Marquez’s penalty loop, Jack Miller’s struggle, Yohan Mir’s potential departure, Honda’s downfall, Marquez’s first finish, Gikati motorbikes’ dominance discussed.

(0:47:25) – Discussion on Motorsports and Racing Relevance
Modern safety features, BMW dominance, classic cars, and Joel Heinrich’s success in TCM are discussed, along with John Bauer and Larry Perkins’ 1994 Adelaide Grand Prix race.

(0:53:52) – Negative Camber
Showroom-style racing safety, nostalgia, Negative Camber community, and sponsors discussed. 

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