Lana Flack with a trophu on the podium in Newscastle

Lana Flack: Breaking the Glass Ceiling on the Race Track

Unleash the thrill-seekers within as Tasha, Lana, and Adrian Flack shatter gender stereotypes, conquer adversity, and ignite a revolution in motorsport, inspiring a new generation of fearless female racers in this pulse-pounding podcast episode!

Tasha, Lana, and Adrian Flack defy gender norms in the world of adrenaline-fueled sports. Lana, breaking a male-dominated tradition, discusses her triumphs and struggles in motorsport. The Flack family’s resilience extends beyond the track, overcoming challenges like bullying and balancing business commitments. Their inspiring journey to victory at the Newcastle AKC race and Lana’s bond with her supportive team, Energy, make them motorsport legends. They have become role models, encouraging young girls to join the racing world. Explore their effective communication strategies, upcoming Italy trip, and their game-changing impact on female participation. The intriguing dynamics among Tasha, Lana, and Adrian, along with their unique racing team name ‘Flack Out Racing,’ promise an extraordinary episode filled with heart-pounding excitement. Buckle up for this unforgettable ride!

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