JAmie and Liegh standing in the go-kart pits at the southern go-kart club

High-Speed Hilarity on the Go Kart Track

Embark on an exhilarating journey as we recount a weekend at the Southern Go Kart Club, promising laughter, high-speed thrills, and an exclusive peek into the captivating realm of motorsport racing and karting. Our chat unfolds at the Southern Go Kart Club, where we recount our adventures on the Southerns track, complete with amusing anecdotes. Joining us is the insightful Matt “Biscuits” Mahar, providing track insights and personal updates. Delve into a race recap, analyzing our driving prowess and heart-pounding near-misses. Explore the technical nuances of karting as we navigate the Northern Territory State Titles, sharing race-day weather specifics and immersive video footage.

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Chapter Summaries

 (0:00:00) – Weekend Karting Recap from Southern Go Kart Club
Jamie and Leigh joked and discussed the track, and Matt “Biscuits” Mahar chatted about his wife-to-be’s pregnancy and his experience.

(0:08:47) – Scuderia Ferrari Club Members Night
Scuderia Ferrari Club’s members night includes lamb, chicken, prawns, sausages, lasagne, coleslaw, Greek salad, cakes, coffee and tea, with proceeds going to the club on September 9th.

(0:15:25) – Race Recap and Results Discussion
Ben Press won TAG Restricted Light, Jamie and Leigh shared stories, discussed post-race food and Jamie’s near Numpty Club Award.

(0:25:59) – Go-Kart Racing and Technical Infringements
L7s raced 170-odd go karts at the Northern Territory State Title Show, making setup changes for the two-way track, experiencing weather conditions and capturing video footage, with Tommy Norville’s technical infringement.

(0:35:20) – Recent Achievements and Team Members Discussion
Rhys Hackett and Tony Connor excelled in the competitive Northern Territory State Title Show, thanks to skill and strategies. 

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