Karting Trophies

4SS State Titles and upcoming Karting SA State Titles

Join us as Leigh Harrison shares his karting triumphs, the power of PREPD hydration, and a sneak peek into our motorsport journey, all in this action-packed episode of Negative Camber.

In this high-octane Negative Camber episode, co-driver extraordinaire Leigh Harrison takes us through his impressive back-to-back 4SS State Titles victories in the thrilling world of karting. Discover the game-changing effects of PREPD hydration drinks on performance. Explore the podcast’s origin story and its impact on motorsport enthusiasts.   We also dive into the strategic nuances of racing, from racing strategies to tyre choices, all witnessed firsthand by Leigh during the 4SS State Titles. Finally, gear up for the Karting SA State Titles with our comprehensive preview, including predictions for champions in each class. This episode is your pit stop for all things motorsport – an adrenaline-packed ride you won’t want to miss!

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Chapter Summaries

(0:00:46) – 4SS State Title back to back wins

(0:04:08) – Pecco Miracles

(0:06:33) – SA Hire Kart Championship

(0:09:22) – Leigh and Todd Hazelwood nostalgia

(0:11:17) – Introducing “Motorsport Mailbox”

(0:17:55) – 4SS State Titles Recap

(0:32:58) – Karting SA State Titles preview and predictions

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