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Review: Signor Baffo

Well that was FUN! I took my 2 daughters along – Georgia, (5 years old) and Millie (3 years old) and also a special guest appearance from my mum (in her twighlight years) – to give it a wide age perspective.

Girls, are you happy you went along to see it? “YESSSSSS!”

The official word from the show is that it’s making it’s Australian debut having toured the UK since 2013. There’s chaos in the kitchen. We’re Signor Baffo is left in charge. All the answers to the most important questions of the day all revealed in the charming culinary chaos of Signal Baffo’s Kitchen.

What’s the best way to mix meatballs with spaghetti?

How do you make a chicken lay an egg?

And how exactly does a sausage roll?

This is a supreme silly interactive children’s show where you can expect generous helpings of fun mischief and adventure.

What Did We Think?

What do we think about it? Let’s go to the girls. Georgia, age five – What did you think?

“I thought it was super, super good! My favourite part of the show was when he was slipping all over the place and being a part of the ‘Chicken Choir'”.

Millie, what did you think?

“I liked watching Georgia on stage and watching him fall down”.

For me as a parent, Sitting down and watching your child laugh through the whole show was really, really cool to watch. Both girls laughed at the jokes, wanted to get involved, their eyes peeled on Signor Baffo fully engaged and entertained the whole time. Children of all ages will love this!

I found it hilarious, I found it funny – What did you think Mum?

“As an older child, I thought it was fantastic, very family friendly and my favourite part was the chicken choir” (which was quickly made improv on the day as so many children wanted to be involved on stage)

There were moments of education, a little bit of science but most important, full of entertainment!

We adored it, we loved it. Props to Signor Baffo – outstanding actor, nailed the improv and put on a perfect show.

Our rating

Out of 5 Auscast play buttons we give it…. 5 OUT OF 5!

Rating 5 Auscast Play Buttons out of 5

Go and see it! It’s the first time it’s been to the Adelaide Fringe and we want to support it all the way.

Take your kids, take your family!

Listen Below

Ticket and Location Information

It’s on until Sunday, 17 March, 2024 in Ukiyo at Gluttony – Rymill Park.

It goes for around 55 min. Tickets are $25. G Rating – perfect for the kids.

Book your tickets HERE!

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