Two Brunettes and a Gay with red background and Aaron wearing a fake christmas hat

It’s 12 Days till Xmas! Do’s, Don’ts & Getting Into The Christmas ’Spirits’.

Jam-packed with Christmas laughs and designed for you to grab a glass of your favourite bubbles & relax with your three besties, Two Brunettes & A Gay.

Two Brunettes & A Gay,” airing on the Auscast Network, offers a delightful mix of humour and light-hearted discussions. This entertainment-filled podcast invites listeners to relax with their favourite drink and enjoy the lively company of the hosts. Firstly, the episode delves into “Whacky days of the year,” providing a humorous perspective on unusual daily observances. Then, the hosts share a lively recap of their “Miss Saigon preview,” promising insights sprinkled with laughter.

Christmas Party Disaster

Subsequently, the narrative shifts to a relatable segment on “The girls xmas party disaster,” which is sure to evoke both empathy and chuckles. Following this, “Work xmas party etiquette” offers practical, yet amusing, do’s and don’ts for office holiday parties. Adding a personal twist, Aaron discusses how his anniversary coincides with “National Break-Up Day,” providing an unexpected and humorous angle to relationship milestones.

LIVE Christmas Taste Test

Moreover, the episode includes a “LIVE Taste Test” segment, adding an interactive and festive element with Christmas-themed spirits. The podcast continues with “Shit Advice,” a segment known for its witty and satirical suggestions. Finally, “Tuesday Takeaways” wraps up the show, leaving listeners with thoughts and laughs.

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For those eager to engage more with the show, following it on Instagram and liking it on Facebook is highly recommended. This interaction ensures fans stay updated on the latest episodes and enjoy additional content. In conclusion, “Two Brunettes & A Gay” is not just a podcast; it’s a weekly escape into a world of comedy, gossip, and light-hearted banter, perfect for those seeking a break from the everyday.

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