Parents in the background with tw children sitting down. A little girls is angry and a boy is happy

Why Labelling Things as Either “Good” or “Bad” is Bad

On the one hand teaching our kids right from wrong is a key element of parenting.

But if you accept there is another tier of behavioural decision-making that can be classified as Good and Bad, making that distinction for our kids is potentially harmful. In many cases what is good and what is bad is subjective.

Is a quiet baby a “Good baby” with a “Good Parent”?

Is speaking up in a socially awkward way “bad?”

Defining Good and Bad for our kids can set parameters for what is or isn’t acceptable at that level – at a time when our kids are seeking validation from us. The concept of validation is profound, ultimately signaling to our brains whether we are socially acceptable or not.

And we are, subconsciously, attaching good and bad to everything these days. Maybe the world should have a little more grey.

Guest: Jacqlin Richards, The Freedom Finder for Parents

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