Child holding broccoli in the air looking at it confused.

A Mother’s Guide to Expanding a Child’s Food Choices

Why are kids so fussy around food? Are their taste buds different?

In this episode Dr Samantha Goldman, an occupational therapist and feeding therapist, discusses the sensory fears that children can have around food. She explains that disliking the taste of foods is usually the first assumption parents make, but the sensory fear of food also involves how the food looks, feels, smells, and possibly the noises associated with it.

She suggests parents should try to understand their child’s sensory journey of food from the child’s point of view, and not label kids as fussy or picky eaters.

She recommends techniques such as food chaining and the SOS approach.

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Listen For:

13:24 Understanding sensory processing

18:40 The food chaining technique

21:54 The SOS approach

29:22 Promoting independence and skill-development

Guest: Dr Samantha Goldman, Magical Mealtime Specialist

Samantha is a pediatric occupational & feeding therapist. Her mission is to provide online education to help parents, adults, & therapists finally understand the sensory system & how to help the senses feel their best. You can make life a bit less chaotic and a lot more fun. She believes that education & knowledge is power, and the more you understand the mind and body, the better you can support it at the table, and throughout the entire day.

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